Since graduating from Saint Louis University in 2011, Karl Koenemann, 25, has worked in the financial sector. He is currently a Senior Financial Analyst for Walgreens.

Before Walgreens, Karl Koenemann was a member of the European financial division for McDonald’s. While serving in this role, he gained an incredible amount of experience and got to work closely with one of the world’s finest corporate financial teams.

But the financial career of Karl Koenemann really started at Deloitte consulting. While with Deloitte, Karl Koenemann worked as an auditor, which helped prepare him for many other future positions in the financial sector.

Karl Koenemann also uses his financial expertise to give back to the community. He is currently serving on the Auxiliary Board as the Vice President of Finance for Feeding Mouths Filling Minds, an organization dedicated to fighting childhood hunger by establishing self-sustainable food supplies for orphanages and schools in communities around the world.

Prior to his promising career in the financial sector, Karl Koenemann spent his entire childhood growing up in Fox River, Ill. After going to college in St. Louis, he returned to Illinois, where he still lives today.

Currently residing in Des Plaines, Ill., just outside of Chicago, Karl Koenemann loves living a healthy lifestyle and he tries to make cooking nutritious meals and exercising a part of his daily routine.

Coming from an Italian family, a passion for cooking is innate for Karl Koenemann, who used to spend hours on end in the kitchen with his grandmother while growing up. These days, he loves making Mediterranean and Italian food, and you can find garlic as an ingredient in nearly every dish. His favorite meal to make is Chicken Cacciatore, which is one he has known how to prepare for a long time. Sometimes he makes it even healthier and substitutes spaghetti squash for regular noodles.

But when he’s not working or cooking, Karl Koenemann likes lifting weights and participating in water sports. Whether it’s Crossfit, Yoga, or traditional weight lifting, Karl Koenemann has pretty much tried it all and he’s always searching for new ways to workout.

Much like how he uses his financial expertise to give back, Karl Koenemann has also turned his active lifestyle into a way to help others. He spends numerous hours volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club and loves being a role model for young children.

“Having an impact on lives of children without role models is an indescribable experience,” Karl Koenemann said. “It brings more joy, satisfaction and understanding than words can describe.”